Цилиндрические роликовые подшипники

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Designed to operate under heavy loads at moderate speed, standard versions of type TS bearings can be operated at peripheral speeds of up to 3,000 feet per minute. Special design features are available for both the bearing and mounting, permitting even higher rotational speeds for this bearing type.

The TPS type thrust cylindrical bearing is similar to type TP, except the bottom washer is comprised of two races, with the contacting faces spherically ground. The TPS bearing is self-adjusting to initial misalignment. It is not suggested for applications where alignment may be continuously changing (dynamic misalignment).

Цилиндрические упорные подшипники подходят для высоких нагрузок при умеренных скоростях. Предлагаются различные конфигурации с несколькими роликами в каждом окне сепаратора для увеличения грузоподъемности.